Baby Balance Method

Releasing worry and stress stemming from unreleased tension, trauma and pain in your baby’s body.

Baby Balance Method (BBM)

 helps provide balance within deep layers of tissues of their whole body and the nervous system, therefore the baby becomes calmer, less tense, has improved jaw and tongue mobility which typically improves feeding. Julie will relieve pain and dysfunction, as well as improve whole-body health.

Baby Balance Method can help:

How will Baby Balance Method benefit your baby?

  • Even a newborn a few hours old can benefit from a Baby Balance Method session.  Because all babies are not born equal! Baby Balance Method (BBM) is gentle and effective for your baby’s health to help relieve any physical discomfort – resulting from birth, how they were positioned in utero, or tight fascia that may be affecting their sleeping or digestion.
  • Baby Balance Method can make both a subtle and profound measurable difference to your baby’s health and to your own well-being and peace of mind.
  • Parents can easily learn the specific Baby Balance Method at home techniques to assist their baby’s ongoing improvement as well.


  • Some things can be hard to quantify and a baby’s reasons for crying is probably at the top of any parents list. If your baby cries a lot without an obvious cause, or is not soothed easily, seems to be in distress post feeds or is unhappy for several periods in the day or night, then it may be time to consider other possibilities to see what else might be going on for baby.

Ways I Can Help

Before & After Tongue Tie Revision

Baby Balance Method plays an important role in pre and post revision of lip and tongue ties. BBM balance tissues in the face, mouth, neck, and spinal cord by helping regulate the brain and spinal cord before and after a tongue tie revision.

Whether breast or bottle-fed, babies’ oral structures are important. Having lip and tongue ties can impact not just infancy, but can cause lifelong issues, such as, but not limited too:

  • open mouth posture with sleeping
  • sleep apnea
  • retracted jaw
  • breathing difficulties
  • difficulty with feeding transitions & chewing
  • speech difficulties
  • correlation of being tied to allergies
  • neck pain
  • migraines

Feeding & Other Issues

Baby Balance Method can also be beneficial for babies who do not open their mouth up enough to properly suck during feeding, regardless if they are bottle or breastfed.

BBM is highly advised if:

  • A physician or IBCLC recommendations regarding proper breastfeeding positions do not remedy the problem.
  • The baby is on reflux medicine.
  • Has gone more than one day without a bowel movement.
  • Pulls or reaches for their ears throughout the day.
  • Being monitored for weight gain.
  • Misshaped skull shape.
  • Unsettled in their little bodies.

Misshapen Head

Babies grow in available space, get stuck in the vaginal canal, drop into the pelvis early, have long delivery, etc. All of these may effect the tension of the sutures and membranes of the skull causing imbalances and tightness in the spinal cord, throat, mouth, traveling throughout their whole bodies. This may make cause a sense of uncomfortable tight sensation throughout their bodies making it hard to stay asleep, feel unsettled, having suck issues, swallow, breath sequence, breathing deeply and fully, digest, and eliminate. Balancing sutures, membranes, of the skull relaxes and balances the whole body creating more function. Does your baby have a skull that may need some balancing?

Session Details: The Baby Balance Method sessions run 45-50 minutes and the rate is $100. Most babies only need 1 – 3 sessions but subject to their needs and your goals. You will learn techniques that you will be able to do safely at home to be a part of your baby’s journey of balancing. 


  • How old should my baby be for these sessions? Julie loves working with newborn babies even only hours old, they are never too young. The younger they are the more pliable their bodies are and easier their bodies are to balance, they just start melting. Once they are over three months old, they start not being as willing to melt and it may take more sessions to gain the same results as if they were three weeks old. 
  • Should I feed by baby before the session? Please bring them not to hungry or not to full. It is better if I can work with them for about 20 minutes before a feed.  Working with them while they are feeding will continue the benefits for you and your baby. 
  • What should I bring? Please bring extra diapers, clothes, the things you use for comfort at home and extra milk, either pumped or formula.
  • What should we expect after the session? All families are different and so are the babies but most sleep longer and deeper the day of the session. I would recommend scheduling a calm day so not to over stimulate their nervous system. 
  • How should I schedule my baby’s session? The above link will get you to the regular schedule for booking.  Julie is normally booked out for weeks so you may want to schedule what you can and then text Julie at 828-461-4545 for sooner sessions outside of the regular schedule. Most Tuesdays and Thursdays have two additional session openings to get an earlier session.  Please note that these are reserved for baby’s that are in urgent need and have already booked the future sessions.

Hello, I’m Julie Jetzer

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT), Certified in Craniosacral (CST) and trained in Rhythmic Movements (RMT) to help develop coordination, emotional stability, mental wellbeing, muscle tone and primitive reflexes.

My mission is to clinically support babies through specific therapies by restoring balance in tissue, the nervous system, and the body through the platform I call Baby Balance Method (BBM).

With my specialized expertise and energized personality, I can provide an exceptional environment for healing.

Customizing to your baby’s needs, I target physical imbalances with movement, breathing, massage and specialized therapies and bodywork techniques.

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